Who We Are

KDC Gives Hope to Those in Need

The faces and stories of people experiencing homeless and poverty are incredibly varied in age, gender, race, background, education and most likely have experienced trauma. Homelessness and poverty are frightening, often dangerous and isolating.

So when a guest walks through the doors at KDC, we begin the process of rebuilding trust with welcoming smiles. Of all the services and programs KDC provides, none is more powerful than providing compassion and support to our guests. We work hard every day to transform lives ~ offering hope and opportunity.

What makes us different? KDC serves anyone that walks through our doors. The majority of the people we assist are those who are living at or below the poverty level. These are homeless families and individuals, as well as single mothers and fathers working minimum wage. All KDC Services and Programs are offered free of charge to our guests.

Although we would take great joy in sharing our beliefs and encouraging those who have not found the Lord, KDC does not discriminate. KDC serves all people and does not discriminate against or exclude any person from agency services or volunteer participation on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, physical or mental abilities, philosophy of life or living, religious beliefs or practices, marital status, familial status, protected disability, height, weight, veteran status, citizenship or religious preference.

KDC continues to be open five days a week serving guests with a variety of needs. We have the opportunity to serve people during the week when many church doors are closed. KDC offers devotions Monday through Thursday from 9–9:30am. We also have a prayer room where guests may pray with a staff member or leave a prayer request.

 KDC is a faith-based and faith-guided organization doing the Lord’s work through this ministry.

Our mission is to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ by addressing the physical and spiritual needs of the working poor and people in distress.

Our vision is to glorify God by building a faith-filled, caring and compassionate community.

KDC’s Core Values are Kindness, treating strangers as kin in Christ, with love and gentleness, Dignity, according respect to our guests as image bearers of God, and Compassion, entering into hurt and heartache of those in distress.

Our Team

Kenny Bizzell,
Operations Director

Kenny Bizzell

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Rhonda McFadden,
Clothing Manager

Rhonda McFadden

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Larry Wallace,
DRS Supervisor

Larry Wallace - DRS Supervisor

Diane McElrath,
Clothing Assistant

Diane McElrath - Clothing Assistant

Latonya Dunigan,

Latoyia Duniga - Receptionist

Ruth Gritter

Ruth Gritter

Rudy Deleon,
Warehouse Team Leader

Rudy Deleon

Who We Are April 7, 2017