Adopt a Need

KDC has many ongoing needs. Small groups, congregations, businesses and individuals may choose specific items and adopt the need. Local businesses may not be able to make a financial contribution, but providing a product or service is an important contribution. This could include items to fill a KDC need; it may be items that are in great condition, but not saleable because the packaging is damaged. Small groups can organize regular drives in their congregation to supply a need. Classrooms may adopt an age-appropriate need to make students aware of the needs that exist in their community. Garage Sales are a perfect place to find dishes, glasses or silverware. There are many possibilities. Suggestions:

Cleaning Products
Diapers (Package may be torn and not saleable, but the diapers are still useable.)
Bedding plants
Laundry soap

Coffee cups, sugar, cream – KDC not only offers a cool cup of water in the name of Christ, but also fresh, hot, free coffee
Pots and pans
Linens – sheets, towels, blankets

Hygiene Products (soap, deodorant, shampoo, razors, tampons)
Office supplies
School supplies
Large plastic bags