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Pledge your support to  .........WEE-xercise For Charity!!!

Chris Jump Rope Pic Several years ago I was given the nick name WEE-MAN. My daily exercise routine was later deemed WEE-xercise for obvious reasons. This summer I decided to challenge myself to support local non-profits using my favorite cardiovascular workout - running jump rope.

My first 5K was the South Haven Blueberry Fest on August 10th and we raised money for the South Haven Health System Foundation.

My time was 32.27.

My next 5K race is Run For The Son to support the Kalamazoo Deacon's Conference.  My goal is to get my time down under 30 minutes and I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!
Please make a donation to the Run For The Son and put "WEE-MAN Under 30 Minutes" in the comment line!!!  Every time a donation comes in, KDC will let me know that I have another wonderful, generous, kind, and caring person supporting this effort and the amazing work of KDC in Kalamazoo.
Want to see me accomplish my goal in person??  Register for Run For The Son right now!!!! and be there on race day to help cheer EVERYONE who is taking part in this great race for a great cause.
I will see you on September 28 ready to walk, run and JUMP-ROPE!!
Chris Abruzz

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