Social Work

A social worker assesses needs to provide short term crisis management through advocating for and supporting their client working towards empowering the client and aiding them toward self-sufficiency. KDC works with Western Michigan University Social Work interns to provide short-term crisis management for guests voluntarily seeking help. This process may include:
  • exploring the causes for the difficulties, developing a plan of action and working toward a solution
  • advocating (attending screenings for service with organizations such as Access and the Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • support at court hearings or YMCA domestic assault
An important step in social work is linking guests with the proper services. Some of these services are:
  • Social Services - DHS, Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, Social Security
  • Mental Health System - Access, Community Mental Health, Douglas Community Center counseling
  • Health Care - assist in finding doctors, therapists and specialists and obtaining authorization for service through guest's HMO's; referrals to Family Heath Care, Healthcare for the Homeless, free health clinic
  • Legal System - attend and support at court hearing; jail visits; refer to Legal Aid; Friend of the Court; help link to payees or guardians if needed
  • Domestic Violence
  • Senior Services
  • Substance Abuse - refer for counseling, link to support groups
  • Housing Resources - make referrals for HARP vouchers, housing grants through the court, Section 8, network with Housing Resources, Inc.
KDC assists guests in connecting or reconnecting with support systems, such as family, friends, neighborhoods, churches and support groups.  

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