Furniture / Appliances

Guests must see a Direct Response Servant (DRS) to submit a furniture/appliance request.   Identification and a lease or the name and phone number of your landlord are needed to confirm your residency.  Only 1 furniture/appliance item may be requested.   If the item is not available, guests will be allowed to request an item in 6 months.   Guests must pick up the item during KDC hours (Monday - Friday; 9am - 4:30pm) within 2 days of the furniture request being approved.  Time will begin the next business day.  For example, if an item is approved on Monday, it must be picked up by close of business on Wednesday.  Failure to pick up an item will still be considered as having received the item.  Guests having been approved for a furniture/appliance item may submit a new request in 12 months.  

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