Direct Response The individuals that meet with our guests are called DRS or Direct Response Servant. Our DRSs serve our guests as they walk in seeking assistance with a wide range of needs. It is up to the DRS to understand the situation of the person or family, and develop a plan of action that will most likely result in the guests needs being addressed. Sometimes guests know what they need and it’s as simple as help with rent because they lost their job and won’t receive unemployment for another 3 weeks. Or sometimes its more complicated like a guest that needs food because they have substance abuse issue and spend all their money and can’t afford to feed themselves. It is up to the DRS to treat every guest with the dignity and respect they deserve, as beings created in God’s image, but also to help them in a way that really addresses their need, even if it is not the way the guest had hoped.  For guests that need a little help because times are hard or the guest that needs a little intervention, KDC is here to show love and support, and also to bring these concerns to our Father in Heaven through intercession and prayer. Direct Response deals with directly affecting the guests’ situation by providing assistance with immediate physical needs such as:
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Household items like dishes, towels, etc.
  • Personal needs items such as deodorant, toothpaste, soap, etc.
  • 1st month and Deposit for housing

Direct Response

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